Wahl, Ronald R.

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Digital Geologic Map Database of the Nevada Test Site Area, Nevada

Forty years of geologic investigations at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) have been digitized. These data include all geologic information that: (1) has been collected, and (2) can be represented on a map within the map borders at the map scale is included in

Digital map showing faults, lineaments, and earthquake epicenters in the Pahute Mesa 30' x 60' quadrangle, Nevada, in Arc/Info ASCII generate and Arc/Info export formats

This digital map compilation incorporates fault, air photo lineament, and earthquake epicenter data from within the Pahute Mesa 30' by 60' quadrangle, southern Nye County, Nevada (fig. 1). The compilation contributes to the U.S. Department of Energy's

Geologic map of the Tetilla Peak quadrangle, Santa Fe and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico

This digital geologic map summarizes all available geologic information for the Tetilla Peak quadrangle located immediately southwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The geologic map consists of new polygon (geologic map units) and line (contact, fault, fold ax