Map showing inventory and regional susceptibility for Holocene debris flows and related fast moving landslides in the conterminous United States: Raster data

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Description Debris flows, debris avalanches, mud flows and lahars are fast-moving landslides that occur in a wide variety of environments throughout the world. They are particularly dangerous to life and property because they move quickly, destroy objects in their p
Originators Brabb, Earl E.; Colgan, J. P.; and Best, T. C.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map 2329

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Debris-flow susceptibility grid cell

Any of the data elements in the debris-flow susceptibility file

Label Definition
Debris-flow susceptibility grid cell value The value refers to color of the raster cell in the tiff file. The various shades of pink represent areas that are susceptible to debris flows, and the shades of gray represent areas that are likely not at high risk for debris