Geologic map of the Tetilla Peak quadrangle, Santa Fe and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico

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Description This digital geologic map summarizes all available geologic information for the Tetilla Peak quadrangle located immediately southwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The geologic map consists of new polygon (geologic map units) and line (contact, fault, fold ax
Originators Sawyer, David A.; Shroba, Ralph R.; Minor, Scott A.; Thompson, Ren A.; Blossom, Jeffrey C.; Fisher, Thomas R.; Wahl, Ronald R.; and Van Sistine, Darren R.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2352

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Debris-flow susceptibility grid cell

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Debris-flow susceptibility grid cell value The value refers to color of the raster cell in the tiff file. The various shades of pink represent areas that are susceptible to debris flows, and the shades of gray represent areas that are likely not at high risk for debris