Jachens, Robert C.

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Gravity map and data of the eastern half of the Big Bear Lake 100,000 scale quadrangle, California and analysis of the depths of several basins.

An isostatic residual gravity map of the Big Bear Lake 100,000 scale quadrangle, California was prepared and then this data set used with other information to compute the configuration of several ground water basins. Basin thickness maps were then prepare

Principal Facts for Gravity Stations in the Vicinity of San Bernardino, Southern California

New gravity measurements in the vicinity of San Bernardino, California were collected to help define the characteristics of the Rialto-Colton fault. The data were processed using standard reduction formulas and parameters. Rock properties such as lithol

The Surface of Crystalline Basement, Great Valley and Sierra Nevada, California: A Digital Map Database

Crystalline basement in central California extends westward from the exposed Sierra Nevada beneath the sedimentary fill of the Great Valley and under the eastern edge of the Coast Ranges at mid-crustal depth. The surface of this basement is defined from t