Download information conversion service

This service converts a download information table into a snippet of FGDC-compatible geospatial metadata that can be inserted into the Standard_Order_Process section of a metadata record.


  • The input file must be tab-delimited text with five columns as follows:
    URL URL of the downloadable package.
    Size Size of the download package in megabytes.
    Format Format of the data files in the downloadable package. Like "shapefile" but not "Zip". Recommended vocabulary
    Version Version number of the file format.
    Content Explanation of the download file's contents, not including file format.
  • First line should contain column headings, delimited with comma or tab, just like subsequent rows.
  • Here is an Example input file with the right format.
  • Input file must be smaller than 1024k bytes
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  • I want to hear about any problems you encounter so that I can fix them. Please let me know how it goes!