Geospatial Metadata Validation Service

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This service checks your FGDC-compatible geospatial metadata record using mp (metadata parser). Provide a metadata record that is formatted as indented text, XML, or SGML. Results will show discrepancies between the structure of your metadata record and the expectation of the FGDC metadata standard (FGDC-STD-001-1998) and will show several potentially useful re-expressions of the metadata record itself.

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Secondary validation:

These tests are not strictly required by the Standard, but may improve the consistency and usability of your metadata.

Is there a functional Online_Linkage in the Citation or its Larger_Work_Citation? Also checks Network_Resource_Name links.
ISO 19115 Topic Category
Is there a Theme keyword section for ISO 19115 topics? Are its keywords valid?
USGS Thesaurus
Is there a Theme keyword section for the USGS Thesaurus? Are its keywords valid?
Is there a Theme keyword section for the Alexandria Digital Library Feature Type Thesaurus? Are its keywords valid?
MRIB keywords
Is there a Theme keyword section for the Marine Realms Information Bank keywords? Are its keywords valid?
Is there a Theme keyword section for the Data Categories for Marine Planning? Are its keywords valid?
Common geographic areas
Is there a place keyword section for the Common Geographic Areas thesaurus? Are its keywords valid?
USGS publication series
Do Series_Name values match the USGS publication series names?
Do Format_Name values match those in the MRData vocabulary? These are suggestions, not requirements.
Suggest terms
Find USGS Thesaurus terms where Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus is 'none' or 'general'
Standard name, version
Check the Metadata_Standard_Name, Metadata_Standard_Version, and Profile_Name values
Data dictionary table
Create a data dictionary table as a CSV file using the Entity_and_Attribute_Information
Data dictionary thesaurus
Create a data dictionary thesaurus as a SQLite table using the Entity_and_Attribute_Information


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