U.S. Geological Survey

Organizing USGS information with consistent vocabulary

  1. Understand indexing with controlled vocabularies
    1. Controlled vocabularies defined
    2. Indexing is not labeling
    3. Indexing informs labeling
  2. How controlled vocabularies fit into the USGS enterprise web
    1. Design of the USGS thesaurus
      1. Concepts, not words
      2. Term relationships
      3. Example thesaurus term entries
      4. Broad and shallow
    2. Catalog as an application of the thesaurus
    3. Metadata within HTML documents
      1. USGS web guidelines
      2. Search engines may not consider tags
      3. HTML syntax cannot show term relationships
      4. Consistency with catalog?
        Example: Natural attenuation
    4. Use of other vocabularies
      1. Facets not included in thesaurus:
        1. Place names
        2. Geographic feature types
        3. Geologic time
        4. Stratigraphic names
      2. More details for included facets:
        1. Rock types and mineral names
        2. Biological taxonomy
      3. Authority lists:
        1. Publication series names
        2. Organizations
        3. People
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Organizing USGS information with consistent vocabulary
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