Bedrock Geologic Map of the Windham Quadrangle, Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties, New Hampshire: General description

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Bedrock Geologic Map of the Windham Quadrangle, Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties, New Hampshire: General description
The bedrock geology of the 7.5-minute Windham quadrangle, New Hampshire consists of deformed early Paleozoic crystalline metamorphic and intrusive igneous rocks intruded by Mesozoic igneous dikes.
The geologic data was mapped during the summer of 1998 at a scale of 1:24,000. The bedrock geology was mapped using standard techniques. Locational information was provided by Rockwell PLGR+96 GPS receivers using the federal precise positioning service.
The line and polygon data were compiled on a mylar greenline of the 7.5-minute quadrangle and scanned at 400 dpi on an Anatech Eagle 4080T scanner. The raster files (TIF) were converted to vector files (DXF) using GTX OSR version 2.0 raster-to-vector conversion software. The vector files were imported to Arc/Info version 7.0.4. Point data were collected with GPS and hand-held 3COM Palm Pilot III PDA computers. Data from the PDAs were combined in Microsoft Access, and then imported as ASCII text files and DBASE IV (dbf) files into Arc/Info. The Arc/Info coverages were registered and transformed to the New Hampshire State Plane Coordinate system.
  1. How might this data set be cited?
    Walsh, Gregory J., and Stewart F. Clark, Jr., 1999, Bedrock Geologic Map of the Windham Quadrangle, Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties, New Hampshire: General description: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-8, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia.

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  2. What geographic area does the data set cover?
    West_Bounding_Coordinate: -71.375
    East_Bounding_Coordinate: -71.25
    North_Bounding_Coordinate: 42.875
    South_Bounding_Coordinate: 42.75
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    The geology of the quadrangle was mapped in 1998
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    Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: Original Map data Postscript
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      The map projection used is SPCS_Zone_Identifier 4676.
      Projection parameters:
      Planar coordinates are specified in feet
      The horizontal datum used is North American Datum of 1983.
      The ellipsoid used is Clarke 1866.
      The semi-major axis of the ellipsoid used is 6378206.4.
      The flattening of the ellipsoid used is 1/294.98.
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    • Gregory J. Walsh
    • Stewart F. Clark, Jr.
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Why was the data set created?

The map was published as part of a study of the fractured bedrock aquifers in the state of New Hampshire. The digital data are intended for use by all government, academic, commercial, or other agencies in need of digital geologic map information.

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