An unconsolidated deposit of semicarbonized plant remains in a water saturated environment, such as a bog or fen, and of persistently high moisture content (at least 75%).

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Quaternary geologic map of the Winnipeg 4° × 6° quadrangle, United States and Canada

The Quaternary Geologic Map of the Winnipeg 4° × 6° Degree Quadrangle, United States and Canada, is a component of the U.S. Geological Survey Quaternary Geologic Atlas of the United States map series (Miscellaneous Investigations Series I-1420), an eff

Mineral Commodity Summaries

The following topics are currently covered by the Mineral Commodity Summaries: domestic production and uses; U.S. salient statistics; recycling; import sources; tariff; depletion allowance; government stockpile; events, trends, and issues; world productio

Mineral Industry Surveys (with month, year, and commodity name)

The Mineral Industry Surveys series reports commodity production, consumption, stocks, and trade information. Reports may also contain price information or report on industry developments.

Minerals Yearbook (with year and subject commodity or place)

The Minerals Yearbook is an annual publication that reviews the mineral industry of the United States and foreign countries. It contains statistical data on materials and minerals and includes information on economic and technical trends and developments