Mine sites

Places or areas from which commercial minerals are or were removed by excavation from the Earth. [Adapted from USGS Feature Class Definitions <http://geonames.usgs.gov/domestic/feature_class.htm>]
This category is also used for adits (mine sites), chrome mines, coal mines, collieries, copper mines, diatomite mines, gold mines, gravel pits, iron mines, lead mines, mine entrances, mine shafts, mines, mining areas, mining camps, nickel mines, open pit mines, placer mines, quarries, salt mines, strip mines, and tin mines.
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Coal-Bearing Regions and Structural Sedimentary Basins of China and Adjacent Seas: Major coal mine locations

This dataset is a collection of major coal mine production located in The Peoples Republic of China. Included in this dataset are the locations of major coal mines and the approximate annual amount of coal mined annually in millions of metric tons.