Land surface characteristics

Features and attributes of earth's land surface.
This category is also used for landscape and physiography.
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Map and map database of susceptibility to slope failure by sliding and earthflow in the Oakland area, California

Map data that predict the varying likelihood of landsliding can help public agencies make informed decisions on land use and zoning. This map, prepared in a geographic information system from a statistical model, estimates the relative likelihood of loca

Extent of Pleistocene Lakes in the Western Great Basin

During the Pliocene to middle Pleistocene, pluvial lakes in the western Great Basin repeatedly rose to levels much higher than those of the well-documented late Pleistocene pluvial lakes, and some presently isolated basins were connected. Sedimentologic,

Digital Bathymetric Model of Mono Lake, California

In 1986 and 1987, Pelagos Corporation of San Diego (now Racal Pelagos) undertook a bathymetric survey of Mono Lake in eastern California for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP). The result of that survey was a series of maps at various sca

Geologic Map of the Eminence Quadrangle, Shannon County, Missouri

The geology of the Eminence 7 1/2-minute quadrangle , Shannon County, Missouri was mapped from 1996 through 1997 as part of the Midcontinent Karst Systems and Geologic Mapping Project, Eastern Earth Surface Processes Team. The map supports the production

Karst Map of Puerto Rico

This map is a digital update of The karst landforms of Puerto Rico (Monroe, 1976). In this new version the karst areas on the islands of Mona and Monito have been added from Briggs and Seiders (1972). This map will serve as the basis for the Puerto Rico