Electromagnetic surveying

Method of determining the shape and constituency of near-surface earth structures by variations of responses of the materials to electrical and magnetic fields. Use for ground-based methods of imaging.
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Geologic map of the Tetilla Peak quadrangle, Santa Fe and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico

This digital geologic map summarizes all available geologic information for the Tetilla Peak quadrangle located immediately southwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The geologic map consists of new polygon (geologic map units) and line (contact, fault, fold ax

Seismotectonic maps in the vicinity of the lower Wabash Valley, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky - Digital Spatial Database: Magnetotelluric sounding points and modelling lines

Magnetotelluric soundings give data that can help define the l electricamagnetic properties of rocks, and with other geophysical data help define the structure of the shallow crust where earthquakes occur. The sounding points in this cover show where data