Statistical analysis

Branch of mathematics concerned with techniques to collect and interpret data.
This category is also used for geostatistics.

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Geologic datasets for weights of evidence analysis in northeast Washington--4. Mineral industry activity in Washington, 1985-1997.

This report is a tabular presentation of mineral activities for mining and exploration in Washington during 1985 to 1997. The data may be incomplete as it depended on published data or data volunteered by operators.

Geologic data sets for weights-of-evidence analysis in northeast Washington--1. Geologic raster data

This dataset contains the combination of geology data (geologic units, faults, folds, and dikes) from 6 1;100,000 scale digital coverages in eastern Washington (Chewelah, Colville, Omak, Oroville, Nespelem, Republic). The data was converted to an Arc grid

Heavy minerals from the Palos Verdes margin, southern California: Data and factor analysis

This metadata file accompanies a report about the results of a study of the heavy minerals in samples collected from beaches and seafloor locations in the Palos Verdes margin, south of the Los Angeles area, California. Samples were collected from 11 beac

Geologic datasets for weights-of-evidence analysis in northeast Washington--2. Mineral databases

Digital mineral databases are necessary to carry out weights-of-evidence modeling of mineral resources for epithermal gold and carbonate-hosted lead-zinc deposits in northeast Washington. This report describes four digital data sets (presented as separat