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Bathymetry and Acoustic Backscatter of Crater Lake, Oregon from Field Activity: S-1-00-OR

These data include high-resolution bathymetry and calibrated acoustic backscatter in XYZ ASCII and ArcInfo GRID format generated from the 2000 multibeam sonar survey of Crater Lake, Oregon.

An update of Quaternary faults of central and eastern Oregon

This publication updates previous fault maps of Oregon as a contribution to the larger U.S. Geological Survey effort to produce digital maps of active faults in the Pacific Northwest region. The new map is derived from the 1992 fault map of Pezzopane, Na

Sediment Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Data from Buck Lake, Oregon

Sediment magnetic and paleomagnetic studies were conducted on a core from Buck Lake, Klamath County, Oregon, that was collected as part of an investigation into the Quaternary climate history of the western United States. This report documents the method

Preliminary map of selected post-Nevadan geologic features of the Klamath Mountains and adjacent areas, California and Oregon: A digital database

This map of selected post-Nevadan features is in a sense supplementary to Map I-2148 (Geologic map of the Klamath Mountains, compiled by W.P. Irwin, 1994). The map of selected post-Nevadan geologic features is in large part a compilation of the published