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Geologic Map of the Ennis 30 X 60 minute quadrangle, Madison and Gallatin counties, Montana

Geologic map of the Ennis 30x60 minute quadrangle, Gallatin and Madison Counties, Montana

Geologic map of the Ennis 30' X 60' quadrangle, Madison and Gallatin Counties, Montana, and Park County, Wyoming

The Ennis 1:100,000 quadrangle lies within both the Laramide (Late Cretaceous to early Tertiary) foreland province of southwestern Montana and the northeastern margin of the middle to late Tertiary Basin and Range province. The oldest rocks in the quadran

Geologic map of the Sedan quadrangle, Gallatin and Park Counties, Montana

This quadrangle lies 6.4 km (4 mi) northeast of Bozeman, Mont., in southwestern Montana. Metamorphic, sedimentary, and volcanic rocks of Precambrian to Tertiary age are exposed in the Bridger Range and southwestern margin of the Crazy Mountains Basin in