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Mining and quarrying
Extracting mineral deposits from a pit, tunnel, or excavation.
This category is also used for quarrying.

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Digital database of mining-related features at selectedhistoric and active phosphate mines, Bannock, Bear Lake,Bingham, and Caribou Counties, Idaho [New Window]
This is a spatial database that delineates mining-relatedfeatures in areas of historic and active phosphate mining in thecore of the southeastern Idaho phosphate resource area. The datahas varying degrees of accuracy and attribution detail. Thebreakdown
Geologic datasets for weights of evidence analysis in northeastWashington--4. Mineral industry activity in Washington, 1985-1997. [New Window]
This report is a tabular presentation of mineral activities for miningand exploration in Washington during 1985 to 1997. The data may be incompleteas it depended on published data or data volunteered by operators.
Geochemical analyses of soils and sediments, Coeur d'Alènedrainage basin, Idaho: Sampling, analytical methods, and results. [New Window]
This report presents the results of over 1100 geochemicalanalyses of samples of soil and sediment from the Coeur d'Alène(CdA) drainage basin in northern Idaho. The location(in 3 dimensions) and a lithological description of each sampleis included with th
Lead-rich sediments, Coeur d'Alene River valley, Idaho; Area, volume, tonnage, and lead content: Geologic and wetland unit data [New Window]
This metadata file (cdafldpl.met) describes three shape files. Shape file cdasurf4_utm.shp, with its associated .shx and .dbf files,contains polygons and attributes for a map of geologic and wetlandunits and systems, which represent sedimentary deposition
Lead-rich sediments, Coeur d'Alene River valley, Idaho; Area, volume, tonnage, and lead content: River reach data (by segment) [New Window]
This metadata file (pbrchseg.met) describes three shape files used.Shape file rivreach.shp contains the upstream and downstreamboundaries of seven reaches of the river. Natural features defineriver-reach boundaries at the confluence of the North and South
Lead-rich sediments, Coeur d'Alene River valley, Idaho; Area, volume, tonnage, and lead content: Surface-sediment geochemical data [New Window]
This metadata file (pbsamthk.met) describes two dBase4 tables.One table (alsamPb.dbf) contains UTM coordinates for 998surface-sediment geochemical sample sites, and concentration oflead, in parts per million (ppm Pb), in each sample. The other table(thkpb
Summary terrane, mineral deposit, and metallogenic belt maps of the Russian Far East, Alaska, and the Canadian Cordillera [New Window]
This CD-ROM publication provides a GIS analysis of a summaryterrane map, mineral deposit maps, and metallogenic belt maps forthe Russian Far East, Alaska, Canadian Cordillera and adjacentoffshore areas. This CD-ROM publication is one of a series ofpublic
Geologic Map of the Scotts Mills, Silverton, and Stayton Northeast 7.5 Minute Quadrangles, Northwest Oregon: A Digital Database: Scotts Mills Quadrangle [New Window]
This digital map database, compiled from previously published and unpublished data, and new mapping by the authors, represents the general distribution of bedrock and surficial deposits of the Scotts Mills 7.5 minute quadrangle along the eastern margin of
Bedrock Geologic Map of the Windham Quadrangle, Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties, New Hampshire:Polygon coverage for outcrops or bedrock exposures examined during this study. [New Window]
Polygon coverage for outcrops or bedrock exposures examined during thisstudy. The geologic data was mapped during the summer of 1998 at a scale of1:24,000. The bedrock geology was mapped using standard techniques.Locational information was provided by Ro

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