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Study of the distribution of chemical elements and natural compounds on the earth and in the atmosphere and the chemical processes that affect the earth.
This category is also used for chemistry (Earth sciences).
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Surficial geology along the Spokane River, Washington and itsrelationship to the metal content of sediments (Idaho-Washingtonstateline to Latah Creek confluence): Sediment geochemistry [New Window]
The Spokane River flows westward into eastern Washington out of thenorthern end of Lake Coeur d'Alene in northern Idaho (figure 1). Theriver and lake lie downstream of the Coeur d'Alene mining district,where over 56 million metric tonnes of metal-enriche
Bedrock, soil, and lichen geochemistry from Isle Royale National Park, Michigan [New Window]
This is a report of geochemical data from various media collected on Isle Royale, a large island in northeastern Lake Superior. Isle Royale became a national park in 1940 and was designated as a wilderness area in 1976.USGS sampling began in 1996 as part
Geologic and aeromagnetic maps of the Fossil Ridgearea and vicinity, Gunnison County, Colorado [New Window]
This data set includes a GIS geologic map database of an EarlyProterozoic metavolcanic and metasedimentary terraneextensively intruded by Early and Middle Proterozoic graniticplutons. Laramide to Tertiary deformation and intrusion offelsic plutons have c
Geochemical analyses of soils and sediments, Coeur d'Alènedrainage basin, Idaho: Sampling, analytical methods, and results. [New Window]
This report presents the results of over 1100 geochemicalanalyses of samples of soil and sediment from the Coeur d'Alène(CdA) drainage basin in northern Idaho. The location(in 3 dimensions) and a lithological description of each sampleis included with th
Lead-rich sediments, Coeur d'Alene River valley, Idaho; Area, volume, tonnage, and lead content: Surface-sediment geochemical data [New Window]
This metadata file (pbsamthk.met) describes two dBase4 tables.One table (alsamPb.dbf) contains UTM coordinates for 998surface-sediment geochemical sample sites, and concentration oflead, in parts per million (ppm Pb), in each sample. The other table(thkpb
Preliminary Lithogeochemical Map Showing Near-Surface Rock Types in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Virginia and Maryland [New Window]
This preliminary experimental lithogeochemical map shows the distribution of rock types in the Virginia and Maryland parts of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The map was produced digitally by classifying geologic-map units according to composition, mineral
Generalized lithology and lithogeochemical character ofnear-surface bedrock in the New England region [New Window]
This geographic information system (GIS) data layer shows thedominant lithology and geochemical, termed lithogeochemical,character of near-surface bedrock in the New England regioncovering the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, NewHampshire, Rho
The geochemical landscape of northwestern Wisconsin and adjacent parts of northern Michigan and Minnesota(geochemical data files) [New Window]
This report contains geochemical data gathered in the Ashland and Rice Lake 1 degree x 2 degree quadrangles in northern Wisconsin and adjacent parts of northern Michigan and Minnesota. The data, in part, is focused on the Chequamegon National Forest. Nine
Whole Rock Geochemical Data For Paleozoic Sedimentary Rocksof the western Brooks Brooks Range, Alaska [New Window]
This report presents geochemical analyses for 210 unaltered andunmineralized rock samples of Paleozoic age in the western BrooksRange of northern Alaska. These data form the basis for a studyby Slack et al. (2004a) on the provenance and depositionalhistor
Whole rock geochemical data for altered and mineralized rocks,Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag district, western Brooks Range, Alaska [New Window]
This report presents geochemical analyses for 220 mostly altered andmineralized rock samples from the Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag district in thewestern Brooks Range of northern Alaska. These data form the basisfor a study by Slack et al. (2004a) on hydrothermal sil
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