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Chemical analysis
Chemical techniques used to identify the composition of substances.
This category is also used for detection (chemical), geochemical surveys, leaching (analytical method), mineralogical analysis, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Atomic absorption analysis (4 items)
Mass spectroscopy (3 items)
Neutron activation analysis (2 items)
Particle-beam spectroscopy (1 items)
Atomic emission spectroscopy (4 items)
X-ray fluorescence (2 items)

Sediment geochemistry (7 items)
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Geochemical analyses of soils and sediments, Coeur d'Alènedrainage basin, Idaho: Sampling, analytical methods, and results. [New Window]
This report presents the results of over 1100 geochemicalanalyses of samples of soil and sediment from the Coeur d'Alène(CdA) drainage basin in northern Idaho. The location(in 3 dimensions) and a lithological description of each sampleis included with th
Sediment Magnetic and Geochemical Data from Quaternary Lacustrine Sediment in Two Cores from Tule Lake, Siskiyou County, California [New Window]
Sediment magnetic and geochemical results have been obtained fromthe top 60 meters of lacustrine sediments recovered in two coresfrom Tule Lake in northern California. The sediment magnetic andgeochemical data, presented here in tabular form, complements
Whole Rock Geochemical Data For Paleozoic Sedimentary Rocksof the western Brooks Brooks Range, Alaska [New Window]
This report presents geochemical analyses for 210 unaltered andunmineralized rock samples of Paleozoic age in the western BrooksRange of northern Alaska. These data form the basis for a studyby Slack et al. (2004a) on the provenance and depositionalhistor
Whole rock geochemical data for altered and mineralized rocks,Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag district, western Brooks Range, Alaska [New Window]
This report presents geochemical analyses for 220 mostly altered andmineralized rock samples from the Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag district in thewestern Brooks Range of northern Alaska. These data form the basisfor a study by Slack et al. (2004a) on hydrothermal sil
Chemical data for rock, sediment, biological, precipitate, and water samples from abandoned copper mines in Prince William Sound, Alaska [New Window]
In the early 20th century, approximately 6 million metric tons ofcopper ore were mined from numerous deposits located along theshorelines of fjords and islands in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Atthe Beatson, Ellamar, and Threeman mine sites (fig. 1), rock
Major- and trace-element concentrations in soils from northern California: Results from the Geochemical Landscapes project pilot study [New Window]
Regional-scale geochemical survey designed to serve as a baselinefor further analyses, and to understand effects of historical miningin the area.
Analytical results for stream sediment and soil samples from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Isla de Culebra, and Isla de Vieques [New Window]
Geochemical data from 2560 stream sediment samples collected in Puerto Rico, 421 soil samples collected on Isla de Vieques, and 35 soil samples were collected on Isla de Culebra, analyzed by semiquantitative spectrographic methods.
Sediment Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Data from Buck Lake, Oregon [New Window]
Sediment magnetic, paleomagnetic and geochemical results have beenobtained from lacustrine sediments recovered in a 30-meter coretaken by rotary drilling methods at Grass Lake, Siskiyou County,California. The data have been analyzed and interpreted in te
Chemical Composition of Samples Collected from Waste Rock Dumpsand Other Mining-Related Features at Selected Phosphate Minesin Southeastern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah [New Window]
This text file contains chemical analyses for 31 samplescollected from various phosphate mine sites in southeasternIdaho (25), northern Utah (2), and western Wyoming (4).
Heavy minerals from the Palos Verdes margin, southernCalifornia: Data and factor analysis [New Window]
This metadata file accompanies a report about the resultsof a study of the heavy minerals insamples collected from beaches and seafloor locationsin the Palos Verdes margin, south of the Los Angeles area,California. Samples were collected from 11 beach lo
Case study of the environmental signature of a recently abandoned, carbonate-hosted replacement deposit: The Clayton Mine, Idaho [New Window]
Multi-element geochemical analysis of host rock, ore, mine waste,flotation-mill tailings, slag, stream sediments, creek and aditwaters, and leachates of mine waste and mill tailings.

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