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Unconsolidated deposits
Loosely bound sediments such as sand, gravel, and silt which tend to accumulate in low areas or valleys.
This category is also used for alluvium, eolian sediments, loess, sediments, and surficial deposits.
Gravel deposits (3 items)
Sand deposits (4 items)
Mine waste (5 items)

Sediment geochemistry (7 items)

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Geochemical analyses of soils and sediments, Coeur d'Alènedrainage basin, Idaho: Sampling, analytical methods, and results. [New Window]
This report presents the results of over 1100 geochemicalanalyses of samples of soil and sediment from the Coeur d'Alène(CdA) drainage basin in northern Idaho. The location(in 3 dimensions) and a lithological description of each sampleis included with th
Lead-rich sediments, Coeur d'Alene River valley, Idaho; Area, volume, tonnage, and lead content: Geologic and wetland unit data [New Window]
This metadata file (cdafldpl.met) describes three shape files. Shape file cdasurf4_utm.shp, with its associated .shx and .dbf files,contains polygons and attributes for a map of geologic and wetlandunits and systems, which represent sedimentary deposition
Lead-rich sediments, Coeur d'Alene River valley, Idaho; Area, volume, tonnage, and lead content: River reach data (by segment) [New Window]
This metadata file (pbrchseg.met) describes three shape files used.Shape file rivreach.shp contains the upstream and downstreamboundaries of seven reaches of the river. Natural features defineriver-reach boundaries at the confluence of the North and South
Lead-rich sediments, Coeur d'Alene River valley, Idaho; Area, volume, tonnage, and lead content: Surface-sediment geochemical data [New Window]
This metadata file (pbsamthk.met) describes two dBase4 tables.One table (alsamPb.dbf) contains UTM coordinates for 998surface-sediment geochemical sample sites, and concentration oflead, in parts per million (ppm Pb), in each sample. The other table(thkpb
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Paleontology, and Paleomagnetism ofPliocene-Early Pleistocene Lacustrine Deposits in Two Cores fromWestern Utah [New Window]
The data contained in this report represent our preliminary findingsof the analyses of two cores of Pliocene and early Pleistocenesediments from the eastern Great Basin. This is a collaborativeproject involving specialists from the USGS, Kansas State Uni
Surficial geologic maps along the riparian zone of the Animas Riverand its headwater tributaries, Silverton to Durango, Colorado, withupper Animas River watershed gradient profiles [New Window]
This product consists of Adobe Acrobat .PDF format documents for 10surficial geologic strip maps along the Animas River watershed from itsmajor headwater tributaries, south to Durango, Colo. The Animas Riveroriginates in the San Juan Mountains north of t
Generalized Surficial Geologic Map of the Pueblo 1° x 2° Quadrangle, Colorado [New Window]
Fifty-three types of surficial geologic deposits and residual materials of Quaternary age are described in a pamphlet and located on a map of the greater Pueblo area, in part of the Front Range, in the Wet and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and on the plains
Surficial Geologic map of the Greater Omaha Area, Nebraska and Iowa [New Window]
Geologic mapping, in support of the USGS Omaha-Kansas City Geologic Mapping Project, shows the spatial distribution of artificial-fill, alluvial, eolian, and glacial deposits and bedrock in and near Omaha, Nebraska. Artificial fill deposits are mapped chi
Surficial Geologic Map of The Loop and Druid Arch Quadrangles,Canyonlands National Park, Utah [New Window]
This geologic map is a product of a cooperative project between theU.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. National Park Service to providegeologic information about this part of Canyonlands National Park, Utah.This digital map database contains bedrock data
Surficial Geology of Lower Comb Wash, San Juan County, Utah [New Window]
This digital map database is compiled from new mapping by the author, represents the general distribution of surficial and bedrock geology in the mapped area. Together with the accompanying pamphlet, it provides current information on the surficial geolo
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