Map and map database of susceptibility to slope failure by sliding and earthflow in the Oakland area, California

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Description Map data that predict the varying likelihood of landsliding can help public agencies make informed decisions on land use and zoning. This map, prepared in a geographic information system from a statistical model, estimates the relative likelihood of loca
Originators Pike, Richard J.; Graymer, Russell W.; Roberts, Sebastian; Kalman, Naomi B.; and Sobieszczyk, Steven
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2385

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Overview of attributes

The databases in this report were compiled in ARC/INFO, a
commercial Geographic Information System (Environmental Systems
Research Institute, Redlands, California).  Almost all
the attributes in the attribute table of the grid included in the
report are set or calculated by Arc/Info.  The only exception
is "count."  The boundary of the grid is xmin = 554596.775,
xmax = 588256.775, ymin = 4164296.500, and ymax = 4206116.500.
Statistics of the grid include a minimum value of 0, a maximum
value of 133, which allows a mean of 13.24  and a standard
deviation of 18.11. There are 110 values included and 8 bytes
of attribute data.

grid cell

grid cell of susgrd_utm

Label Definition
(grid cell value) Susceptibility multiplied by 100 to generate an integer value. Susceptibility is defined for each geologic-map unit as the spatial frequency (areal percentage) of terrain occupied by old landslide deposits, adjusted locally by steepness of the topography. Susceptibility of terrain between the old landslide deposits is read directly from a slope histogram for each geologic-map unit, as the percentage (0.00 to 0.90) of 30-m cells in each one-degree slope interval that coincides with the deposits. Susceptibility within landslide deposits (0.00 to 1.33) is this same percentage raised by a multiplier (1.33) derived from the comparative frequency of recent failures within and outside the old deposits.


grid source data

Label Definition
Record record number for cell
Value assigned susceptibility cell
Count Number of cells with same assigned value