Map and map database of susceptibility to slope failure by sliding and earthflow in the Oakland area, California

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Description Map data that predict the varying likelihood of landsliding can help public agencies make informed decisions on land use and zoning. This map, prepared in a geographic information system from a statistical model, estimates the relative likelihood of loca
Originators Pike, Richard J.; Graymer, Russell W.; Roberts, Sebastian; Kalman, Naomi B.; and Sobieszczyk, Steven
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2385

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States or counties


Geologic units and other polygonal features

Label Definition
PTYPE Geologic unit designation


Linear geological features

Label Definition
LTYPE Type of linear geologic feature


Linear structural features

Label Definition
LTYPE Type of linear structural feature
DESC Cross section identity


Geologically-significant points

Label Definition
PTTYPE Geological significance of the point
DIP Dip angle in degrees
STRIKE Azimuth of strike in degrees


Points where chemical analyses were carried out on volcanic and intrusive rocks

Label Definition
PTTYPE type of analysis
SAMPNO Sample identification code


Points where radiometric ages were obtained

Label Definition
PTTYPE Type of point feature
SAMPNO Sample identification code
AGE Radiometric age estimate with expected uncertainty (one sigma)


Fossil localities from Roberts (1958)

Label Definition
PTTYPE Significance of the point
SAMPNO Sample identification code
PLOTNO Plotted identity on map


Coal localities

Label Definition
PTTYPE Significance of point


Clay localities

Label Definition
PTTYPE Significance of point