Geologic Map and Digital Database of the House Rock Quadrangle, Coconino County, Northern Arizona

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Description This digital map database is compiled from unpublished data and new mapping by the authors, represents the general distribution of surficial and bedrock geology in the mapped area. Together with the accompanying pamphlet, it provides current information
Originators Wellmeyer, Jessica L. and Block, Debra L.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map 2364

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Overview of attributes

The databases described in this report were compiled in ARC/INFO, a
commercial Geographic Information System by Environmental Systems
Research Institute.  Almost all the attributes in the various
attribute tables of the coverages included in the report are set or
calculated by ARC/INFO.  The exceptions being <COVER>-ID, LTYPE,
author added aspects of the coverages added to the PAT or AAT and are
used to describe the type of line (LTYPE), area (PTYPE), point or
arcmarker (PTTYPE).  LTYPE and PTTYPE are each defined with WIDTH 35,
OUTPUT 35, and TYPE C (character).  PTYPE is defined with WIDTH 5,
OUTPUT 5, and TYPE C.  STRIKE and DIP are only present in HR_DIP.PAT,
because they describe bedding orientation of point objects.  Each is
defined with WIDTH and OUTPUT of 3, and TYPE I (integer).  PATTERN was
another author-added attribute only in HR_POLY.PAT, and is defined by
WIDTH 3, OUTPUT 3, and TYPE I.  The data in PATTERN correlates
directly with specific values in the PTYPE field.  One coverage not
described is HR_ANNO.  This coverage contains only annotations, and
leader placement.  There are no defined attributes for this coverage.

The report combined with hrmap.eps, hrmap.pdf, hrgeo.doc, hrgeo.txt or hrgeo.pdf


attribute table of hr_poly

Label Definition
PTYPE Geologic unit label
PATTERN Graphic fill pattern


attribute table of hr_poly

Label Definition
LTYPE Type of geologic or geographic feature denoted by a line in the database.
PTTYPE arc marker point type


Attribute table of HR_FOLD

Label Definition
LTYPE Type of geologic or geographic feature denoted by a line in the database.
PTTYPE Arc marker point type
PLUNGE The inclination of a fold axis if obviously tilted in one or many directions


Attribute table of HR_DIP

Label Definition
PTTYPE The type of planar feature which was observed and the orientation of which was measured at this point.
DIP The inclination of planar structures measured in degrees down from horizontal.
STRIKE The orientation of a horizontal line in an inclined planar structure measured in degrees clockwise from north.