Digital Geologic Map of Oregon

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Description Oregon lithology. Faults are in a separate coverage. The legend for southeastern Oregon is in the coverage orlegend.
Originators Hintze, L. F.

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Overview of attributes

>ORGEOL.PAT (polygon and point coverage):
>ORLEGEND.PAT (Same attributes as ORGEOL.PAT except attribute FMTNSYM
>in which a few of the letters in PTYPE have been changed):
>PTYPE  AGE-EPOCH                   LITHOLOGY
>Qyb    Holocene                    YOUNGEST BASALT AND BASALTIC
>                                   ANDESITE
>Qal    Holocene                    ALLUVIAL DEPOSITS
>Qpl    Holocene                    PLAYA DEPOSITS
>Qd     Holocene                    DUNE SAND
>Qt     Holocene, Pleistocene       TERRACE, PEDIMENT, AND LAG
>                                   GRAVELS
>Qls    Holocene, Pleistocene       LANDSLIDE AND DEBRIS-FLOW
>                                   DEPOSITS
>Qf     Holocene?, Pleistocene      FANGLOMERATE
>Qlb    Holocene, Pleistocene       LATE BASALT
>Qg     Pleistocene                 GLACIAL DEPOSITS
>Qs     Pleistocene                 LACUSTRIAN AND FLUVIAL
>                                   SEDIMENTARY ROCKS
>Qb     Holocene, Pleistocene       BASALT AND BASALTIC ANDESITE
>QTp    Holocene, Pleistocene,
>       Pliocene, Miocene?          PYROCLASTIC ROCKS OF BASALTIC
>                                   AND ANDESITIC CINDER CONES:
>                                   BASALTIC AND ANDESITIC EJECTA
>QTps   Holocene, Pleistocene,
>       Pliocene, Miocene?          PYROCLASTIC ROCKS OF BASALTIC
>                                   AND ANDESITIC CINDER CONES:
>                                   SUBAQUEOUS BASALTIC AND
>                                   ANDESITIC EJECTA
>QTvs   Pleistocene, Pliocene       SILICIC VENT DEPOSITS
>QTvm   Pleistocene, Pliocene,
>       Miocene?                    MAFIC VENT DEPOSITS
>QTg    Pleistocene, Pliocene       TERRACE AND PEDIMENT GRAVELS
>QTs    Pleistocene, Pliocene       SEDIMENTARY ROCKS
>QTb    Pleistocene, Pliocene       BASALT
>Tvs    Pliocene, Miocene,
>       Oligocene, Eocene?          SILICIC VENT ROCKS
>Tob    Pliocene, Miocene           OLIVINE BASALT
>Ts     Pliocene, Miocene           TUFFACEOUS SEDIMENTARY ROCKS
>                                   AND TUFF
>Tat    lower Pliocene,
>       upper Miocene               SILICIC ASH-FLOW TUFF
>Tstv   Pliocene?, Miocene          STRAWBERRY VOLCANICS
>Trh    Pliocene?, Miocene          RHYOLITIE AND DACITE
>Tvm    Pliocene?, Miocene          MAFIC AND INTERMEDIATE VENT
>                                   ROCKS
>Tvm    Pliocene?, Miocene          PYROCLASTIC ROCKS OF BASALTIC
>                                   CINDER CONES
>Tp     lower Pliocene?, Miocene?   BASALTIC AND ANDESITIC EJECTA
>Tps    lower Pliocene?, Miocene?   SUBAQUEOUS PYROCLASTIC ROCKS
>                                   OF BASALTIC CINDER CONES
>Tb     upper and middle Miocene    BASALT
>Tlf    Miocene                     LACUSTRIAN AND FLUVIAL
>                                   DEPOSITS
>Tc     Miocene                     COLUMBIA RIVER BASALT GROUP
>                                   AND RELATED FLOWS
>Twt    upper? and middle Miocene   WELDED TUFFS AND TUFFAECOUS
>                                   SEDIMENTARY ROCKS
>Tts    Miocene                     TUFFACEOUS SEDIMENTARY ROKCS,
>                                   TUFFS, PUMICITES, AND SILCIC
>                                   FLOWS
>Tba    Miocene                     BASALT AND ANDESITE
>Tbas                               ANDESITIC AND BASALTIC ROCKS
>                                   ON STEENS MOUNTAIN
>Tr     Miocene, upper Eocene?      RHYOLITE AND DACITE DOMES AND
>                                   FLOWS AND SMALL HYPABYSSAL
>                                   INTRUSIVE BODIES
>Tsf    lower Miocene, Oligocene,
>       upper Eocene?               RHYOLITIC TUFF, TUFFACEOUS
>                                   SEDIMENTARY ROCKS, AND LAVA
>                                   FLOWS
>Tas    Miocene?, Oligocene         ANDESITE AND DACITE AND
>                                   SEIDMENTARY ROCKS
>Tca    lower Oligocene?,
>       Eocene, Paleocene?          CLASTIC ROCKS AND ANDESITE
>                                   FLOWS
>Js     Jurassic                    SEDIMENTARY ROCKS
>JTRsv  Jurassic and upper Triassic SEDIMENTARY AND VOLCANIC ROCKS
>JTRs   Jurassic and upper Triassic SEDIMENTARY ROCKS (JURASSIC
>                                   AND UPPER TRIASSIC)
>TRs    upper and middle Jurassic
>       and upper Triassic          MARINE SEDIMENTARY ROCKS
>TRv    uppper Triassic             VOLCANIC AND METAVOLCANIC
>                                   ROCKS
>TRv    Triassic and Paleozoic      ULTRAMAFIC AND MAFIC INTRUSIVE
>                                   ROCKS AND SERPENTINIZED
>                                   EQUIVALENTS
>TRPZu  Triassic and Paleozoic      ULTRAMAFIC ROCKS
>TRPZg  Triassic and Paleozoic      GABBROIC ROCKS
>mr     Mesozoic and Paleozoic      MIXED ROCKS
>TRPZs  Triassic and Paleozoic      SEDIMENTARY ROCKS, PARTLY
>                                   METAMORPHOSED
>TRPZsn Triassic and Paleozoic      MARBLE
>TRPv   Triassic and Permian        VOLCANIC ROCKS
>PZs    Paleozoic                   SEDIMENTARY ROCKS, PARTLY
>                                   METAMORPHOSED
>PZsv   Paleozoic                   SEDIMENTARY AND VOLCANIC
>                                   ROCKS, PARTLY METAMORPHOSED
>Tim    Pliocene, Miocene           MAFIC AND INTERMEDIATE
>                                   INTRUSIVE ROCKS
>Tvi    Eocene?                     MAFIC VENT AND INTRUSIVE ROCKS
>KJi    Cretaceous and Jurassic     INTRUSIVE ROCKS
>JTRgd  Jurassic and Triassic       GRANITE AND DIORITE
>Kc     upper and lower Cretaceous  CLASTIC SEDIMENTARY ROCKS
>Qma    Holocene                    MAZAMA ASH DEPOSITS
>Qmp    Holocene                    MAZAMA PUMICE DEPOSITS
>Qba    Holocene?, Pleistocene      BASALTIC ANDESITE AND BASALT
>QTmv   Pleistocene, Pliocene,
>       Miocene                     MAFIC VENT COMPLEXES
>QTba   Pleistocene, Pliocene       BASALT AND BASALTIC ANDESITE
>Trb    Pliocene, upper Miocene     RIDGE-CAPPING BASALT AND
>                                   BASALTIC ANDESITE
>Tmv    Miocene                     MAFIC VENT COMPLEXES
>Tu     Miocene, Oligocene          UNDIFFERENTIATED TUFFACEOUS
>                                   SEDIMENTARY ROCKS, TUFFS, AND
>                                   BASALT
>Tus    Miocene, Oligocene          SEDIMENTARY AND VOLCANICLASTIC
>                                   ROCKS
>Tub    Miocene, Oligocene          BASALTIC LAVA FLOWS
>Tib    Pliocene, Miocene,
>       Oligocene                   BASALT AND ANDESITE INTRUSIONS

More information can be found in file ORGEOL.README.


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