Arctic Ostracode Database

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Description The Arctic Ostracode Database provides species census data for about 100 species of benthic marine Ostracoda from modern surface and late Quaternary sediments from various parts of the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas. Ostracodes are a microfossil group of
Originators Cronin, Thomas M.; Holtz, Thomas R., Jr.; Brouwers, Elisabeth M.; Briggs, William M.; Whatley, Robin C.; and Wood, Adrian

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Overview of attributes

Each assemblage is further documented by the number of each of 101
taxa of ostracode specimens found in it.  For each of these taxa,
the label used in the data files is TaxonXXX where XXX is the number
of the taxon, an arbitrary designation related to a more formal
scientific reference in the file taxa.txt.


Ostracode assemblage

Numerical census of ostracode shells found in a sediment sample.

Label Definition
Site Core or sample identifier (text following a variety of coding schemes)
Top (cm) Depth in core of the top of the sampled interval
Bottom (cm) Depth in core of the bottom of the sampled interval
Latitude Latitude of the sample site
Longitude Longitude of the sample site
Water depth (m) Depth of the sea floor at the sample site
Total Total number of ostracode specimens counted