Geologic map of the Rifle Falls quadrangle, Garfield County, Colorado

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Description New 1:24,000-scale geologic map of the Rifle Falls 7.5' quadrangle, in support of the USGS Western Colorado I-70 Corridor Cooperative Geologic Mapping Project, provides new interpretations of the stratigraphy, structure, and geologic hazards in the area o
Originators Scott, Robert B.; Shroba, Ralph R.; and Egger, Anne E.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2341

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Overview of attributes

The i797geo dataset includes:
1) A geologic linework arc attribute table, i797geo.aat, that
relates to the i797geo.con contact look-up table, i797geo.con;
a structure look-up table, i797geo.st2, and a source reference
look-up table i797geo.ref
2) A rock unit polygon attribute table, i797geo.pat, that
relates  to the rock unit look-up table and
source reference look-up table i797geo.ref.
The i797p dataset includes a  structural point data attribute
table, i797p.pat, that relates to the symbol look-up table
i797p.lut and source reference look-up table i797geo.ref.


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Label Definition
UNIT (no definition)
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