Geologic map of the Stillwater Complex, Montana: a digital database

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Description This report provides a digital version of the Geologic map of the Stillwater Complex, Montana originally published by N. Page and W. Nokleberg (1974). Paper copies of the four geologic map sheets from the original report were scanned and initially attrib
Originators Page, Norman J; Nokleberg, Warren J.; and Miller, Robert J.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-797

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Overview of attributes

The i797geo dataset includes:
1) A geologic linework arc attribute table, i797geo.aat, that
relates to the i797geo.con contact look-up table, i797geo.con;
a structure look-up table, i797geo.st2, and a source reference
look-up table i797geo.ref
2) A rock unit polygon attribute table, i797geo.pat, that
relates  to the rock unit look-up table and
source reference look-up table i797geo.ref.
The i797p dataset includes a  structural point data attribute
table, i797p.pat, that relates to the symbol look-up table
i797p.lut and source reference look-up table i797geo.ref.


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Label Definition
UNIT (no definition)
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SHEET (no definition)