Landslides in Alameda County, California, A Digital Database Extracted from Preliminary Photointerpretation Maps of Surficial Deposits by T.H. Nilsen in USGS Open-File Report 75-277

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Description All or part of 25 7.5-minute quadrangles identifying 8465 Landslides largely slow-moving slides and earth flows in Alameda County, California, have been converted to a digital-map database, compiled at 1:24,000 scale and plotted at 1:62,500 scale, that ca
Originators Roberts, Sebastian; Roberts, Michelle A.; Brennan, Eileen M.; and Pike, Richard J.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-0504

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>25 USGS Quadrangles in the Coverage GRDPYS.SHP.PAT:
>Briones Valley
>Oakland East
>Las Trampas Ridge
>Byron Hot Springs
>Clifton Court Forebay (formerly Bethany)
>San Leandro
>Hayward, Dublin
>La Costa Valley
>Mendenhall Springs
>Cedar Mountain
>Lone Tree Creek
>Calaveras Reservoir
>Mt. Day
>Eylar Mountain
>Mt. Boardman
>Oakland West
>Hunters Point
>Redwood Point
>Mountain View

For more information on coverages see the pamphlet included with the downloads.


Type of contact or boundary

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type


Landslide deposit

Label Definition
PTYPE Polygon type


grid of quadrangle boundaries

Label Definition
NAME quadrangle names (see Entity_and_Attribute_Overview)


point features for small landslides for the La Costa Valley Quadrangle

Label Definition
PTYPE Point type
STRIKE Strike of landslide