Digital data for geologic framework of the Alaska Peninsula, southwest Alaska, and the Alaska Peninsula terrane

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Description USGS-Open-File Report 99-317 is a collection of digital databases that are the result of the compilation and re-interpretation of published and unpublished 1:250,000- and 1:63,360-scale mapping. The map area covers approximately 62,000 sq km (23,000 sq m
Originators Wilson, Frederic H.; Detterman, R. L.; and DuBois, G. D.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-317

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Characteristics of arcs in the arc attribute table of the geology and fold coverages

Label Definition
arc-code Arc-code is a positive integer value (3 3 I) item in the arc attribute table. Values range from 1-99. Arc-code describes the type of line feature.


Characteristic of the polygon features are coded in the pat, polygon attribute table. The pat consists of the following items: CLASS, LABEL (geologic unit label), SYMBOL (shadeset color symbol), YAGE (minimum age in m.y.), OAGE (maximum age in m.y.), LITH1, LITH2.

Label Definition
class Class is a positive integer value (4 5 B) item in the polygon attribute table. Values range from 99-2999. A single lookup table for all the geology coverages contain the unit label and color symbol number or each unit. (See USGS OFR 99-317 for full descriptions of the geologic unit.
Yage Minimum age of geologic unit in millions of years
Oage Maximum age of geologic unit in millions of years
Lith1 General rock classification (text)
Lith2 General rock type (text)