Physiographic Rim of The Grand Canyon, Arizona: A Digital Database

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Description This Open-File report is a digital physiographic map database. This physiographic map of the Grand Canyon is modified from previous versions by Billingsley and Hendricks (1989), and Billingsley and others (1997). The boundary is drawn approximately along
Originators Billingsley, George H. and Hampton, H. M.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-30

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Overview of attributes

For more information on coverages go to the file gcpamphlet.txt which
can be downloaded with the digital database.

Descriptions of the obscure attributes in the coverages RIVER can be found under the streams data set.



Label Definition
FNAME Name of road
FTYPE Road type



Label Definition
HWYNO Highway number


Attributes of the Colorado River and it's tributaries.

Label Definition
NAME Name of river
CU The USGS Cataloging Unit (4th order) of the HUC Code.
SEG EPA River Segment
MILE Mile Index. Each SEG starts at 0.0 and increases with river mileage. The MILE values were intended to but don't accurately reflect river mileage.
PER Perennial Code
DAF Descriptive Attribute Feature
DAT Descriptive Attribute Type CODE
DATNAME Descriptive Attribute Type NAME
CO Cartographic Order. {1 to 5] For cartographic filtering, not a stream order