Geologic Map of the Salmon National Forest and Vicinity, East-Central Idaho

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Description The geology of the Salmon National Forest, Idaho, was compiled from published and unpublished sources and new field mapping by Evans, Lund, Tysdal, and Winkler between 1997 and 2001. The geology was compiled onto 1:100,000-scale topographic base maps for
Originators Evans, Karl V.; Lund, Karen I.; Tysdal, Russell G.; Green, Gregory N.; and Winkler, Gary R.

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Overview of attributes

The polygon coverage of geologic units contains unit symbols and
short descriptions.  The units are described more fully in the
accompanying textual report.
The dataset includes a geologic coverage with formations, faults
and dikes, a decoration coverage with fault, dike, caldera, and
fold symbols, a coverage with strike and dip point data, an oil and
gas well location point coverage, a breccia zone overlay coverage,
and a latitude and longitude grid coverage.