Preliminary digital geologic map of the Santa Ana 30' x 60' quadrangle, Southern California, version 1.0

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Description The Santa Ana Quadrangle is in the northern part of the Peninsular Ranges Province as defined by Jahns (1954), except for the northeast corner, which is underlain by basement rocks of the Transverse Ranges Province. A summary of the general geology of th
Originators Morton, Douglas M.; Hauser, Rachel M.; and Ruppert, Kelly R.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-0172

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Overview of attributes

>Attributes for coverage SA_HYDR.AAT:
>closure line
>coincident feature; intermittent ditch
>ditch or canal
>ditch of canal; underpass; closure line
>indefinite shoreline
>intermittent aqueduct; coincident feature 30
>intermittent ditch of canal
>intermittent shoreline
>intermittent stream
>intermittent stream; coincident feature 9
>intermittent stream; underground, closure line
>intermittent stream; underpass; closure line
>intermittent underground aqueduct
>manmade shoreline
>map boundary
>shoreline; coincident feature
>stream; coincident feature 9
>stream; underpass closure line
>tunnel; aqueduct
>tunnel; ditch of canal
>underground aqueduct
>underground aqueduct; coincident feature 17
>underground aqueduct; incident feature
>underground aqueduct; tunnel
>underground closure line
>underground ditch or canal
>underground tunnel; aqueduct
>underpass; closure line; ditch or canal
>underpass; ditch or canal; closure line
>wash or ephemeral
>wash or ephemeral drain
>wash or ephemeral drain; underpass closure line
>water surface elevation 420m; lake; interpolated elevation
Explanation for the Santa Ana 30' X 60' quadrangle:
A question mark (?) indicates the idenity of a map unit or age of a
unit is uncertain.  For units submerged below the present day water
level of Lake Perris, an (s) follows the unit symbol.  The
subscripts used for relative age subdivisions of some Quaternary
deposits designate decreasing age by increasing numbers, e.g. Qyf4
is younger than Qyf3.  Where known, grain size is indicated by a
subscripted letter or letters following unit symbols as follows: b,
boulder; g, gravel; a, arenaceous; s, silt, c, clay; e.g. Qyfa is a
predominately sandy young alluvial fan deposit.  Multiple letters
are used for more specific identification or for mixed units, e.g.,
Qyfsa is a silty sand.  In some cases, mixed units are indicated by
a compound symbol; e.g., Qyf2sc.  Marine deposits are in part
overlain by local, mostly alluvial fan, deposits and are labeled
Qomf.  Grain size follows f.  The Ma following U/Pb ages has an
attached subscript; Maid for isotope dilution analyses, and Maip for
ion probe analyses.


Geologic map units of the Santa Ana quadrangle

Label Definition
PTYPE and PLABL Map unit symbol
SHD Color shade for printing purposes


Linear geologic features

Label Definition
LTYPE line type


Point attributes of map units (same attributes as the polygon coverage SA_GEOL.PAT)

Label Definition


Mapped bodies of water

Label Definition
PTYPE Polygon type


Hydrology at specific points (same attributes as the polygon coverage SA_HYDR.PAT)

Label Definition


Topography contour lines

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type
ELEV Elevation of contour line


Fold axes

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type


Fold axis ornamentation

Label Definition
PTTYPE Point type
STRIKE Stike of fold axes


Attitudes and their dip values. Dip values plotted as annotation. Map boundary lines.

Label Definition
PTTYPE Point type
DIP Dip attitudes
STRIKE Strike attitudes


Roads (for more information see a road map)

Label Definition