Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula and Vicinity, Michigan

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Description The area of this data set includes the classic geology and mineral deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula, renowned for the occurrence of great volumes of Middle Proterozoic flood basalts and the world's largest concentration of native copper. Native copper
Originators Cannon, William F.; McRae, Michele E.; and Nicholson, Suzanne W.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-0149

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Overview of attributes

>ARC/INFO .e00 files:
>ATTITUDE - Orientation of bedding features (e.g., strike and dip)
>BURIED - Features concealed by Jacobsville Sandstone
>CGL - Interflow conglomerates
>CHALC - Chalcocite bodies
>COORD - A 15X15 minute geographic latitude/longitude locator grid
>FISSURE - Fissure veins
>GEOLOGY - Geologic units and faults
>LAKES - Lakes
>LODES - Native copper lodes
>MAG - Distinct aeromagnetic trends
>MINES - Mine shafts in the native copper district
>OUTCROPS - Locations of outcrops
>RIVERS - Rivers and streams
>ROADS - Roads
>STRUCTUR - Major structural features (other than faults)
>WETLANDS - Wetlands, marshes, bogs, etc.
>XSECTION - Cross section lines

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Geologic map units

Label Definition
SYMBOL Abbreviation of named unit
SUPERGROUP Map unit supergroup
GROUP Map Unit Group
ERA Geologic time scale era
PERIOD Geological Time Scale Period
RK_TYPE Primary rock type of named unit
SUBUNIT_NAME Subdivision within geologic unit. Unit_name given as Domain definition..
AGE Age of rock formation in Millions of years (Ma)
MAJOR_SUBTYPE Further subdivision of RK_TYPE
MAJOR_LITHOLOGY Predominant lithology of RK_TYPE
MINOR1_RKTYPE Other rock type within named unit
MINOR1_SUBTYPE Further subdivision of MINOR1_RKTYPE
MINOR1_LITHOLOGY Predominant lithology of MINOR1_RKTYPE
MINOR2_RKTYPE Other rock type within named unit
MINOR2_SUBTYPE Further subdivision of MINOR2_RKTYPE
MINOR2_LITHOLOGY Predominant lithology of MINOR2_RKTYPE
PROVINCE_ORIGIN Province of origin
SUBPROV/TERRANE Subprovince/terrane of origin
PROVINCE_AGE Age of province of origin
REWORKING_PROV, REWORKING_SUBPRO and REWORKING_AGE Province of reworking, Subprovince of reworking, and Age of reworking
ENV_OF_FORMATION Environment of formation
TECTONIC_SETTING Tectonic setting of rock unit
LITH_ASSEMBLAGE Lithologic assemblage


location of roads, streets, and trails

Label Definition
TYPE Type of road, street, or trail


Linear structural features

Label Definition
TYPE Type of structural feature


Orientation of Units

Label Definition
TYPE Type of orientation
STRIKE Strike of bedding
DIP Dip of bedding
ANGLE An rotation angle for use with ArcView which allows the user to correctly orient the symbols