Geologic Map of the Scotts Mills, Silverton, and Stayton Northeast 7.5 Minute Quadrangles, Northwest Oregon: A Digital Database: Scotts Mills Quadrangle

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Description This digital map database, compiled from previously published and unpublished data, and new mapping by the authors, represents the general distribution of bedrock and surficial deposits of the Scotts Mills 7.5 minute quadrangle along the eastern margin of
Originators Tolan, Terry L.; Beeson, Marvin H.; and Wheeler, Karen L.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-0141

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Overview of attributes

>contact, inferred
>contact, inferred, queried
>map boundary
>normal fault, concealed
>normal fault, inferred
>normal fault, inferredm
>f.a., anticline, certainm
>f.a., anticline, concealed
>f.a., anticline, concealed, queried
>f.a., anticline, inferred
>f.a., anticline, inferred, queried
>f.a., anticline, inferredm

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Scotts Mills Geologic map units

Label Definition
PTYPE Polygon type


Linear geologic map features

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type


Geologic unit at specific points

Label Definition
PTTYPE Point Type


Linear structures including fold-axis location and cross-section lines.

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type


Information on bedding type and position

Label Definition
PTTYPE Point type
DIP Bedding Dip
STRIKE Bedding strike