Regional geologic map of San Andreas and related faults in Carrizo Plain, Temblor, Caliente and La Panza Ranges and vicinity, California: A digital database

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Description This digital map database is prepared from a previously published map by Dibblee (1973). The geologic map database delineates map units that are identified by general age, lithology, and clast size following the stratigraphic nomenclature of the U.S. Geol
Originators Graham, Scott E.; Mahony, T. M.; Blissenbach, J. L.; Mariant, J. J.; Wentworth, Carl M.; and Dibblee, Thomas W.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-14

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>Contents of CZO-GEOL:
>PTYPE	Description
>Qa	alluvium (Holocene)
>Qc	playa lay (Holocene)
>Qla	landslide rubble (Holocene)
>Qoa	older alluvium (Pleistocene)
>QTp	Paso Pobles Formation (Pliocene(?) and Pleistocene)
>QTt	Tulare Formation (Pliocene(?) and Pleistocene)
>QTu	Unnamed valley sediment (Pliocene(?) and Pleistocene)
>Tmo	Morales Formation Valley sediments (Pliocene)
>Tq	Quatral Formation terrestrial claystone and sandstone (Pliocene)
>Tu	Unnamed marine sediments Sandstone and siltstone (Pliocene)
>Tab	Etchagoin Formation blue sandstone (Pliocene)
>Te	Etchagoin Formation gray sandstone and siltstone (Pliocene)
>Trr	Reef Ridge Shale (Miocene)
>Tbw	Bitterwater Creek Shale (Miocene)
>Tmb	Montary Shale Balridge Diatomite Member (Miocene)
>Tm	Montary Shale McLure Shale Member (Miocene)
>Tms	Montary Shale sandstone lenses (Miocene)
>Tmd	Montary Shale Devilwater Shale Member (Miocene)
>Tmg	Montary Shale Gould Shale Member (Miocene)
>Tmi	Montary Shale shale and sandstone unit (Miocene)
>Tmw	Montary Shale Whiterock Bluff Shale Member (Miocene)
>Tma	Montary Shale Saltos Shale Member (Miocene)
>Tmu	Montary Shale upper part, siliceous shale (Miocene)
>Tml	Montary Shale lower part, argilliceous and siliceous shale (Miocene)
>Tsm	Santa Margarita Formation, sandstone (Miocene)
>Tsg	Santa Margarita Formation, conglomerate and breccia (Miocene)
>gb	Santa Margarita Formation, granitic breccia (Miocene)
>sb	Santa Margarita Formation, schist breccia (Miocene)
>Tbs	Branch Canyon Sandstone (Miocene)
>Tb	Basalt, extrusive and intrusive (Miocene)
>Tc	Caliente Formation, terrestrial (Miocene and Pliocene)
>Tvs	Vaqueros Formation, sandstone (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Tvc	Vaqueros Formation, clay shale (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Tvp	Vaqueros Formation, Painted Rock Sandstone Member (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Tvl	Vaqueros Formation, Soda Lake Shale Member (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Tvq	Vaqueros Formation, Quail Canyon Sandstone Member (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Tts	Temblor Formation, sandstone (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Ttc	Temblor Formation, clay shale (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Ttg	Temblor Formation, basal conglomerate lens (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Ttb	Temblor Formation, Buttonbed Sandstone Member (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Ttm	Temblor Formation, Media Shale Member (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Ttr	Temblor Formation, Carneros Sandstone Member (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Ttn	Temblor Formation, upper part of Santos Shale Member (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Ttu	Temblor Formation, undivided lower memebers sandstone and claystone (Oligocene and Miocene)
>Tsi	Simmler Formation, mostly sandstone (Oligocene?)
>Tsc	Simmler Formation, mostly conglomerate (Oligocene?)
>Tw	Wagonwheel Formation, clay shale unit (Oligocene)
>Tws	Wagonwheel Formation, sandstone unit (Oligocene)
>Tk	Kreyenhagen Shale, undifferentiated shale (Eocene)
>Tkw	Kreyenhagen Shale, Welcome Shale Member (Eocene)
>Tkg	Kreyenhagen Shale, Gredal Shale Member (Eocene)
>Tpr	Point of Rocks, sandstone (Eocene)
>Ta	Avenal Sandstone (Eocene)
>Tus	Unnamed sandstone (Eocene)
>Tl	Lodo Formation (Paleocene and Eocene)
>Tss	Marine clastic sedimentary rocks, sandstone, clay shale and minor conglomerate (Eocene and Paleocene)
>Tcg	Marine clastic sedimentary rocks, conglomerate (Paleocene(?))
>Kss	Marine clastic sedimentary rocks, sandstone (Late Cretaceous)
>Kcg	Marine clastic sedimentary rocks, conglomerate (Late Cretaceous(?))
>Ks	Mostly marine sedimentary rocks, sandstone and clay shale, minor conglomerate (Cretaceous)
>Kcr	Mostly marine sedimentary rocks, red conglomerate and mudstone, Terrestrial (Cretaceous)
>Kco	Mostly marine sedimentary rocks, conglomerate (Cretaceous)
>Kp	Panoche Formation, clay shale and claystone (Cretaceous)
>Kps	Panoche Formation, sandstone and clay shale (Cretaceous)
>Kpg	Panoche Formation, conglomerate (Cretaceous)
>Kh	Hex Claystone (Cretaceous)
>jo	Jollo Formation of Hall and Corbato (1967), mostly shale (Jurassic(?) and Cretaceous)
>gf	Gravelly Flat Formation, mostly shale (Jurassic(?) and Cretaceous)
>sp	Serpentine and serpentinized preidotite (Jurassic and (or) Cretaceous)
>f	Franciscan rocks of Bailey and others (1964), mixed rocks, undifferentiated, pervasively sheared, mainly sandstone and claystone, includes local lenses of chert, limestone, and glaucophane schist (Jurassic and (or) Cretaceous)
>fg	Franciscan rocks of Bailey and others (1964), greenstone (Jurassic and (or) Cretaceous)
>gr	Granitic rocks (Mesozoic)
>hg	Hornblende quartz gabbro (Mesozoic or older)
>gn	Gneissic rocks (Mesozoic or older)

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Linear features on geological map

Label Definition
LTYPE Line Type


Fold axes, strike and dip information

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type


Bedding orientation

Label Definition
PTTYPE Point type
DIP Dip of bedding
STRIKE Strike of bedding


location of Oil Fields

Label Definition
PTYPE Polygon type
Fieldname Name of oilfield


Outlines of oilfield

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type