Quaternary geology of Alameda County, and parts of Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties, California: A digital database

Online link https://geo-nsdi.er.usgs.gov/metadata/open-file/97-97/metadata.faq.html
Description Alameda County is located at the northern end of the Diablo Range of Central California. It is bounded on the north by the south flank of Mount Diablo, one of the highest peaks in the Bay Area, reaching an elevation of 1173 meters (3,849 ft). San Fran
Originators Helley, E. J. and Graymer, Russell W.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-97

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>ARC/INFO export files	Description of coverage
>at_sp-py.e00           Quaternary deposits of the Altamont quadrangle
>bh_sp-py.e00           Byron Hot Springs quadrangle
>cf_sp-py.e00           Clifton Court Forebay quadrangle
>cm_sp-py.e00           Cedar Mtn quadrangle
>cr_sp-py.e00           Calaveras Reservoir quadrangle
>du_sp-py.e00           Dublin quadrangle
>em_sp-py.e00           Eylar Mtn quadrangle
>ha_sp-py.e00           Hayward quadrangle
>hp_sp-py.e00           Hunters Point quadrangle
>lc_sp-py.e00           La Costa Valley quadrangle
>lt_sp-py.e00           Las Trampas Ridge quadrangle
>lv_sp-py.e00           Livermore quadrangle
>mb_sp-py.e00           Mt Boardman quadrangle
>md_sp-py.e00           Mt Day quadrangle
>mp_sp-py.e00           Milpitas quadrangle
>ms_sp-py.e00           Mendenhall Springs quadrangle
>mv_sp-py.e00           Mountain View quadrangle
>mw_sp-py.e00           Midway quadrangle
>ne_sp-py.e00           Newark quadrangle
>ni_sp-py.e00           Niles quadrangle
>oe_sp-py.e00           Oakland East quadrangle
>ow_sp-py.e00           Oakland West quadrangle
>ri_sp-py.e00           Richmond quadrangle
>rp_sp-py.e00           Redwood Point quadrangle
>sl_sp-py.e00           San Leandro quadrangle
>ta_sp-py.e00           Tassajara quadrangle
>alq_quad.e00           Index map of quadrangles in Alameda County
>alq_corr.e00           Correlation table for the units in this map database
>al_dr-sp.e00           Drainage base map
>al_cu-sp.e00           Cultural base map
>al_topo-sp.e00         Topographic contours base map