San Francisco Bay region landslide folio part C - Summary distribution of slides and earth flows in the San Francisco Bay region, California

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Description The distribution of landslides evident in the landscape -- most of which are slumps, translational slides, and earth flows -- is of interest both for evaluation of hazard and risk and for use in further study of landslides. Future movement of such landsli
Originators Wentworth, Carl M.; Graham, Scott E.; Pike, Richard J.; Beukelman, G. S.; Ramsey, D. W.; and Barron, A. D.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-0745-C

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Database for slides and earth flows

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PTYPE Polygon type
L-SCAN numerical value for landslide deposits


Specific location of slides and earth flows (same attributes as polygon coverage SFBR-SEF.PAT)

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