Map showing inventory and regional susceptibility for Holocene debris flows and related fast moving landslides in the conterminous United States: vector data

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Description Debris flows, debris avalanches, mud flows and lahars are fast-moving landslides that occur in a wide variety of environments throughout the world. They are particularly dangerous to life and property because they move quickly, destroy objects in their p
Originators Brabb, Earl E.; Colgan, J. P.; and Best, T. C.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map 2329

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Geologic units

Label Definition
NAME Symbol for the geologic unit (string of width 16)


Geologic contacts

Label Definition
ACCURACY Author's general confidence in position of feature (string of width 16)
TYPE_L Role of arc in the map (string of width 20)


Linear and arcuate geologic features

Label Definition
ID (integer)
FAULTTYPE General class of fault (string of width 16)
ACCURACY Author's confidence in position of feature (string of width 16)
FOLDTYPE General class of fold (string of width 16)
NAME Geologic unit in which feature occurs (?) (string of width 40)
TYPE General class of geologic feature (string of width 40)


Orientation measurements

Label Definition
ID (integer)
ANGLE (integer)
TYPE General class of geologic surface whose orientation was measured (string of width 60)
AZIMUTH (integer)