Seismotectonic maps in the vicinity of the lower Wabash Valley, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky - Digital Spatial Database: Well locations

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Description This cover contains wells identified by Dart as having useful information for defining the Paleozoic basement in the New Madrid region. Some wells had borehole breakout data that were useful for interpreting the regional stress field. These locations are
Originators Rhea, Susan
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-0681

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well locations, identifiers, and depth to geologic formations

Label Definition
ID identifying code used on map and in tables
ALT_ID alternative id, brief
NAME name of well, includes owner
CLASS symbol code for plotting
LAT latitude
LONG longitude
TOPO_ELEV elevation above surface
TP_ELEVTAG (no definition)
K_DEP Cretaceous depth
K_TAG (no definition)
K_SUB_UNIT unit below Cretaceous
K_THK Cretaceous thickness
K_THK_TAG (no definition)
PZ_DEP Paleozoic depth
PZ_TAG (no definition)
PZ_SUB_UNIT unit below Paleozoic
PZ_THK Paleozoic thickness
PZ_THK_TAG (no definition)
PN_DEP depth to Pennsylvanian
PN_TAG (no definition)
PN_SUB_UNIT units below Pennsylvanian
PN_THK Pennsylvanian thickness
PN_THK_TAG (no definition)
MS_DEP depth to Mississippian
MS_TAG (no definition)
MS_SUB_UNIT unit below Mississippian
MS_THK Mississippian thickness
MS_THK_TAG (no definition)
DV_DEP depth to Devonian
DV_TAG (no definition)
DV_SUB_UNIT unit below Devonian
DV_THK Devonian thickness
DV_THK_TAG (no definition)
SL_DEP depth to Silurian
SL_TAG (no definition)
SL_SUB_UNIT unit below Silurian
SL_THK Silurian thickness
SL_THK_TAG (no definition)
OR_DEP depth to Ordivician
OR_TAG (no definition)
OR_SUB_UNIT unit below Ordivician
OR_THK Ordivician thickness
OR_THK_TAG (no definition)
KX_DEP depth to Knox
KX_TAG (no definition)
KX_SUB_UNIT unit below Knox
KX_THK Knox thickness
KX_THK_TAG (no definition)
CM_DEP depth to Cambrian
CM_TAG (no definition)
CM_SUB_UNIT unit below Cambrian
CM_THK Cambrian thickness
CM_THK_TAG (no definition)
EL_DEP depth to Elvins Group
EL_TAG (no definition)
EL_SUB_UNIT unit below Elvins Group
EL_THK Elvins Group thickness
EL_THK_TAG (no definition)
BN_DEP depth to Bonneterre
BN_TAG (no definition)
BN_SUB_UNIT unit below Bonneterre
BN_THK Bonneterre thickness
BN_THK_TAG (no definition)
LM_DEP depth to Lamont
LM_TAG (no definition)
LM_SUB_UNIT unit below Lamont
LM_THK Lamont thickness
LM_THK_TAG (no definition)
PC_DEP depth to Precambrian
PC_TAG (no definition)
TOTAL_DEP total depth
TD_TAG (no definition)
TD_SUB_UNIT unit at bottom of well