Seismotectonic maps in the vicinity of the lower Wabash Valley, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky - Digital Spatial Database: Basement faults

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Description This cover contains faults in the unconformity at the Cambrian-Precambrian boundary. These data were contributed by Glenn Bear of Indiana University as part of the work on his doctoral thesis. The southern part of the map was produced by James Drahovzal o
Originators Rhea, Susan
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-0681

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States or counties


point symbols

Label Definition
SYMBOL symbol used to plot right lateral arrow and reverse fault


attributes of arcs including line type and symbol used to plot arc

Label Definition
LINETYPE line type based on confidence of interpretation
SYMBOL symbol used to plot line, dashed or solid with dip tic or not
INDEXSYM symbol used on index map (no dips or dashed lines)