Preliminary geologic map of the Thousand Oaks 7.5' quadrangle, southern California: A digital database

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Description This Open-File report is a digital geologic map database. This digital map database is compiled from previously published sources combined with some new mapping and modifications in nomenclature. The geologic map database delineates map units that are
Originators Yerkes, Robert F. and Campbell, Russell H.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-88

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States or counties


Geologic map units symbols (no full descriptions found)

Label Definition


Linear geologic features

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type


Geologic map units at specific locations (same attributes as polygon coverage TO-GEOL.PAT)

Label Definition


fold axes

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type


Strike and dip information of bedding

Label Definition
PTTYPE Point type
DIP Dip of bedding
STRIKE Strike of bedding


Fossil localities, supporting data given in Yerkes and Campbell (1991)

Label Definition
QUAD Quadrangle abbreviated name
T Township
RW Range west
SEC Section number
COLL collector
SOURCE Source of fossil localities information
COLLNO Collector's number (No definitions found)
AGE Age of fossil (symbol) (no definitions of symbols found)
UNIT Geologic unit symbol (No definitions found)