Sediment Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Data from Buck Lake, Oregon

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Description Sediment magnetic and paleomagnetic studies were conducted on a core from Buck Lake, Klamath County, Oregon, that was collected as part of an investigation into the Quaternary climate history of the western United States. This report documents the method
Originators Rosenbaum, Joseph G.; Reynolds, Richard L.; Fitzmaurice, Priscilla L.; Drexler, John; Whitney, Gene C.; and Adam, David. P.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-673

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Overview of attributes

Sample Number:  A unique number assigned to a sample regardless ot sample type
Slug number:  Core segment identification
Depth to top of slug (meters)
Depth interval relative to top of slug (cm)
Depth in hole (meters)
Grain Size Percent > 3.2 um
Declination (deg.) Linear fit
Inclination (deg.) Linear fit
Magnetization removed in demagnetization interval A/m
Demagnetization interval used for linear fit (mT)
No. Pts. used in linear fit
Error Angle
Subjective quality of demagnetization path (A=best C=worst)
MS vol-SI: (low freq.) Magnetic susceptibility measured at about 600 Hz
FD of MS %: frequency of dependence of magnetic susceptibility
NRM A/m: magnitude of natural remanent magnetization
ARM A/m: magnitude of anhysteretic remanent magnetization
IRM 1.2T A/m: Isothermal remanent magnetization acquired in an induction
of 1.2T
IRM -0.3T A/m: Isothermal remanent magnetization after exposure to an
induction of 1.2T followed by exposure to an oppositely directed induction
of 0.3 T
HIRM A/m: "Hard" isothermal remanent magnetization = (IRM 1.2T - IRM-0.3T) / 2
S:  The "S" parameter = -IRM1.2T / IRM -0.3T
Paramagnetic MS: Paramagnetic magnetic susceptibility determined from the
slope of the hysteresis curve above an induction of 0.9T
Msat A/m:  Saturation magnetization determined after removal of
paramagnetic component.
Mrs A/m:  Saturation Remanent magnetization
Hc mT:  Coercivity determined after removal of para magnetic component.
Hcr mT:  Coercivity of remanence
Parts-per-Million Abundances for the following elements
Ti WT%:  Weight-percent of Titanium
Total Carbon (percent)
Carbonate Carbon (percent)
Organic Carbon (percent)

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-673