Digital geologic map of the Rifle 7.5' quadrangle, Garfield County, Colorado, in ARC/INFO export format

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Description This map has been superseded by USGS Open-File Report 97-852. This database of the Rifle 7.5 minute quadrangle, Garfield county, Colorado originally released as U.S Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-52, has been updated to include a digitized database
Originators Shroba, Ralph R.; Green, Morris W.; and Fairer, George M.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-52

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Overview of attributes

This database was developed on a SPARCstation 20
computer system using ARC/INFO 7.0.2 software.  The lineset
and shadeset files are coded for a HP DesignJet 650C plotter
using HPGL2 software.
List of files:
>alcgeol.e00(a)   symbol set
>alcwrg.e00(a)    line set
>ctr269.e00(b)    shade set
>fnt003.e00(c)    font set
>loadsk.aml       load program
>loess.e00        shade set
>mapbar.aml(b)    mapbar program
>           index box program
>ri.text          index text
>ri8.e00          line and polygon data set
>riex.eml         map assembly program
>ril.e00          loess polygon data set
>         loess index box program
>ristr.e00        structure data set
>wyo.e00(c)       text set
>ri.doc           text (this file)
>README.SK        readme text
>seals.e00(c)     logo polygon set
>(a) T.T. Fitzgibbon
>(b) W.R. Beaman
>(c) G.R. Green

This information is present on the web site but the configuration of the site makes it impossible to reach the files directly. Please contact USGS at if you need access to these files.


Geologic map units

Label Definition
PTYPE Polygon Type
ALCWRG Numerical value for geologic units


Linear geologic features

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type
ALCWRG Numerical symbol for line types


Geologic map units at specific locations (same attributes as polygon coverage RI8.PAT)

Label Definition


loess polygon data set

Label Definition
PTYPE Polygon type


Loess line data set (same attributes as arc coverage RI8.AAT)

Label Definition


Loess point data set (same attributes as polygon coverage RIL.PAT)

Label Definition


structure data set

Label Definition
LTYPE Line type


Bedding orientation

Label Definition
PTTYPE Point type
DIP Dip of bedding
STRIKE Strike of bedding
ALCWG Numerical symbol for PTTYPE


logo polygon set (No attribute definitions)

Label Definition