Seismotectonic maps in the vicinity of the lower Wabash Valley, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky - Digital Spatial Database: Paleoliquefaction locations between 1990 and 1994 in Illinois

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Description The northern part of the map area and large adjacent regions have been severely shaken by one or more moderate to large prehistoric earthquakes. The evidence of these takes the form of paleoliquefaction features, including shaking-induced sandblows and di
Originators Rhea, Susan
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-0681

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Geologic map units symbols (no full descriptions found)

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Linear geologic features

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LTYPE Line type


Geologic map units at specific locations (same attributes as polygon coverage CB-GEOL.PAT)

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fold axes

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LTYPE Line type


Strike and dip information of bedding

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PTTYPE Point type
DIP Dip of bedding
STRIKE Strike of bedding


Well localities, supporting data given in Yerkes and Campbell (1993), and Yerkes and Showalter (1990)

Label Definition
QUADRANGLE Quadrangle abbreviated name
MAP_NUMBER point ID used on map
TOWNSHIP Township identification
RANGE_WEST Range west
SECTION Section number
OPERATOR Well operator's name
NAME/NUMBER name/number of well
ELEV. Elevation (ft.)
YEAR year drilled
TD Total depth (ft.)
BOTTOM Bottom-hole geology (No definitions found)


Fossil localities, supporting data given in Yerkes and Campbell (1993)

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QUAD Quadrangle abbreviated name
SEC Section number
SOURCE Source of fossil localities information
MAP_NO Point ID used on map (No definitions found)
COLL-NO Collector's number (No definitions found)
T Township
RW Range west
AGE Age of fossil (symbol) (no definitions of symbols found)
UNIT Geologic unit symbol (No definitions found)