Sediment Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Data from Buck Lake, Oregon

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Description Sediment magnetic, paleomagnetic and geochemical results have been obtained from lacustrine sediments recovered in a 30-meter core taken by rotary drilling methods at Grass Lake, Siskiyou County, California. The data have been analyzed and interpreted in
Originators Best, Patti J.; Reynolds, Richard L.; Rosenbaum, Joseph G.; Drexler, John; and Adam, David. P.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 96-294

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Overview of attributes

Version 1.0 of the San Bernardino  30' x 60' quadrangle comprises nine ARC/INFO
coverages, of which four contain geologic data, one contains cartographic features, three
provide base-map, DLG-derived, reference data, and one contains the distribution of
constituent 7.5' quadrangles: sanbern_geo (geology), sanbern_str (structural point data,
fold axis and line ornamentation), sanbern_dk (dikes as linear elements), sanbern_flt
(faults and annotation), sanbern_carto (geologic unit annotation, locality names),
snbrn_hypso (hypsography), snbrn_hydro (hydrography), snbrn_transp (transportation and
cultural data), and snbrn_quds (32 constituent 7.5' quadrangles).
In addition to the customary software-defined attributes in each feature attribute table,
user-defined attributes are included that allow the user access to more detailed geologic
information including unit name, grain size where applicable, and rock assemblage. Two
lookup tables are included: rockunit_color.lut (rockunit color assignment) and
rockunit_pattern.lut (rockunit pattern assignment).


Polygon feature attribute table that stores alphanumeric symbols for units that characterize lithologic type and age of earth materials represented by each polygon, color assignment, unit name, subunit, and grain-size where applicable.

Label Definition
LABL Rock-unit label
UNITNAME Rock-unit name
SUBUNIT Subdivisions of units with more than one component
GRAIN_SIZE Characterizes grain-size of mapped Quaternary units where applicable.
ASSEMBLAGE Identifies within which of the principle structural blocks a unit is located.


Geologic contacts, faults, and map boundary.

Label Definition
L-SYMB Integer symbol (listed below along with line descriptions) that relates arc to cartographic line symbol in lineset: geoscamp2.lin
L-NAME Formal name of fault feature
DESCR Summary description of line type


Planar structural point data showing bedding and foliation orientation (strike, dip, direction of dip);qualitative point data - fold axes line ornamentation.

Label Definition


Arc attribute table containing fold axes - monocline.

Label Definition



Label Definition


Faults: contains same information as sanbern_geo.aat. However, due to the complexity of regional fault distribution, we feel it is useful to include the faults in a separate coverage. Coverage contains (1) faults, (2) cartographic elements as (a) fault name annotation, (b) fault-plane dip values; (3) line ornamentation as point symbols.

Label Definition


Cartographic elements: geologic unit labels (anno.geo), leaders, locality information (anno.locality), names of major water bodies (anno.water_body).

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