Spatial Digital Database of the Geologic Map of Catalina Core Complex and San Pedro Trough, Pima, Pinal, Gila, Graham, and Cochise Counties, Arizona

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Description A paper copy of the Geologic Map of the Catalina Core Complex and San Pedro Trough (Dickinson, 1992) was scanned and digitized by U.S. Geological Survey staff and contractors at the Southwest Field Office (Tucson, AZ) in 2000-2001 for input into an ArcInf
Originators Dickinson, William R.; Hirschberg, Douglas M.; Pitts, G. Stephen; and Bolm, Karen S.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-365

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Overview of attributes

The Catalina Core Complex and San Pedro Trough 125k GIS includes
a geologic arc attribute table, CCC125K.AAT, that relates to the
CCC125K.CON (contact look-up table), CCC125K.ST2 (structure
look-up table), and CCC125K.REF (source reference look-up table)
files; a rock-unit polygon attribute table (CCC125K.PAT) that
relates to the CCC125K.RU (rock-unit look-up table) and
CCC125K.REF (source reference lookup table) files; an allochthon
region attribute table, (CCC125K.PATALLOCH) that relates to the
CCC125K.REF (source reference lookup table) file; and a point
attribute table, CCCPNT.PAT, that relates to the CCCPNT.REF
(source reference look-up table) file.