Digital maps of compositionally classified lithologies derived from 1:500,000-scale geologic maps for the Pacific Northwest: a contribution to the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project

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Description This report describes the contents of a digital data set (approximately 269 MB) which consists of Arc/Info Export format files and associated macro programs. This report is one in a series of digital maps, data files, and reports generated by the US Geol
Originators Raines, Gary L.; Johnson, Bruce R.; Frost, Thomas P.; and Zientek, Michael L.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-685

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Overview of attributes

The Catalina Core Complex and San Pedro Trough 125k GIS includes
a geologic arc attribute table, CCC125K.AAT, that relates to the
CCC125K.CON (contact look-up table), CCC125K.ST2 (structure
look-up table), and CCC125K.REF (source reference look-up table)
files; a rock-unit polygon attribute table (CCC125K.PAT) that
relates to the CCC125K.RU (rock-unit look-up table) and
CCC125K.REF (source reference lookup table) files; an allochthon
region attribute table, (CCC125K.PATALLOCH) that relates to the
CCC125K.REF (source reference lookup table) file; and a point
attribute table, CCCPNT.PAT, that relates to the CCCPNT.REF
(source reference look-up table) file.