Sediment Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Data from Buck Lake, Oregon

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Description Sediment magnetic and paleomagnetic studies were conducted on a core from Buck Lake, Klamath County, Oregon, that was collected as part of an investigation into the Quaternary climate history of the western United States. This report documents the method
Originators Rosenbaum, Joseph G.; Reynolds, Richard L.; Fitzmaurice, Priscilla L.; Drexler, John; Whitney, Gene C.; and Adam, David. P.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-673

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Principal facts (gravity observations)

Label Definition
(stname) station identifier (text, 4 characters)
auxname (text, 4 characters)
latdeg degrees of latitude (integer)
latmin minutes of latitude (number, 2 places to right of decimal)
londeg degrees of longitude (integer)
lonmin minutes of longitude (number, 2 places to right of decimal)
elevft Elevation in feet
obsgrav Observed gravity
locsrc Location source code
gravsrc Gravity source code
elevsrc Elevation source code
sbaacc simple bouguer anomaly accuracy code
faa free-air anomaly (mgal)
sba simple bouguer anomaly (mgal)
iztc inner-zone terrain correction from station to 0.39 km to 0.01 milligal
tc terrain correction from 0.39 km to 166.7 km to 0.01 milligal
cba complete bouguer anomaly
ia isostatic anomaly
dataset text of 4 characters matching a value from the dataset table (table 2)
datum Datum code
elev2ft second elevation in whole feet
elev2src Second elevation source code (same meanings as for elevation source code)
sba2elev simple Bouguer anomaly based on second elevation to 0.1 milligal
iacode isostatic anomaly code


Data set

Label Definition
dscode Data set code (text of 8 characters)
project Abbreviation (10 character) for name of project in which data set was created
traverse Abbreviation (15 character) for the traverse on which observations were collected
dsdate Date the data set was created
meter Gravity meter used
metertyp meter type
factor Meter factor
gmt local time offset from GMT
chief Name of project chief carrying out survey
obsrvrs Names of people involved in surveying (14 characters)