An update of Quaternary faults of central and eastern Oregon

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Description This publication updates previous fault maps of Oregon as a contribution to the larger U.S. Geological Survey effort to produce digital maps of active faults in the Pacific Northwest region. The new map is derived from the 1992 fault map of Pezzopane, Na
Originators Weldon, Ray J., II; Fletcher, D. K.; Weldon, E. M.; Scharer, K. M.; and McCrory, Patricia A.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-301

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Fault traces shown on the map

Label Definition
LENGTH_METERS Length of the fault trace in meters (floating-point value)
FAULT_ID Integer identifier without further scientific significance
COMMENT Name of the fault, fault zone, or other explanation (text of at most 64 characters)
REFERENCE Comma-separated list of integers identifying the bibliographic reference; a combination of any of the values described here
DIP General direction of dip and character of fault (text 50 at most characters wide)
FAULT_SYMBOL description of symbolization on map plot (text, 50 characters wide)