Elements of infrastructure and seismic hazard in the central United States - Database

Online link https://geo-nsdi.er.usgs.gov/metadata/open-file/95-241/metadata.faq.html
Description This digital map database consists of the ESRI ARC/INFO Version 7.0.2 coverages used to generate the plates in Professional Paper 1538-M (1994). Base-data is from 1:2,000,000-scale Digital Line Graph (DLG) data (roads, railroads, streams, water bodies,
Originators Rhea, Susan
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-241

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Tabulated labels and features of the magnetic anomalies thought to represent buried volcanic centers in Crater Flat and Amargosa Desert area, Nevada. Table 1 of the report.

Label Definition
RANK (no definition)
ANOMALY_1 Anomaly label in this report
ANOMALY_2 Anomaly label in PVHA report
ANOMALY_3 Anomaly label in Connor and others, 2000
ANOMALY_4 Anomaly label in Langenheim, 1995
LATITUDE Geographic latitude
LONGITUDE Geographic longitude
POLARIZ Polarization of the anomaly
AMP_NT Amplitude of the anomaly, in nanoTeslas at ground level
DEPTHTOTOP Estimated depth to top of the structure, in meters, with divergent interpretations given with references
ANOM_CHAR Characteristics of the anomaly or body