Seismic-Hazard Maps for Alaska and the Aleutian Islands: 3HZ050

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Description Probabilistic seismic hazard maps were prepared for Alaska portraying peak horizontal ground acceleration and horizontal spectral response acceleration for 0.2, 0.3, and 1.0 second periods with probabilities of exceedance of 10% in 50 years and 2% in 50 y
Originators Wesson, Robert L.; Frankel, Arthur D.; Mueller, Charles S.; Harmsen, Stephen C.; and Rukstales, Kenneth S.

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Overview of attributes

The 'Spatial digital database of selected data from the geologic
map of the western part of the Cut Bank 1 x 2 degree quadrangle,
...' contains a detailed description of each attribute
code. The database includes a geologic linework arc attribute
table, cb250k.aat, that relates to the cb250k.con (contact
look-up table), cb250k.st2 (structure look-up table),and
cb250k.ref (source reference look-up table) files; a rock unit
polygon attribute table, cb250k.pat, that relates to the (rock unit look-up table) and cb250k.ref (source
reference look-up table) files.