Spatial Digital Database of Selected Data from the Geologic Map of the Western Part of the Cut Bank 1° x 2° Quadrangle, Northwestern Montana

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Description The paper geologic map of the western part of the Cut Bank 1° x 2° quadrangle, northwestern Montana (Harrison and others, 1998) was digitized and initially attributed by the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG) and remitted to the U.S. Geological
Originators Harrison, Jack E.; Whipple, James W.; Lidke, David J.; Kayser, Helen K.; and Miller, Robert J.

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Overview of attributes

The 'Spatial digital database of selected data from the geologic
map of the western part of the Cut Bank 1 x 2 degree quadrangle,
...' contains a detailed description of each attribute
code. The database includes a geologic linework arc attribute
table, cb250k.aat, that relates to the cb250k.con (contact
look-up table), cb250k.st2 (structure look-up table),and
cb250k.ref (source reference look-up table) files; a rock unit
polygon attribute table, cb250k.pat, that relates to the (rock unit look-up table) and cb250k.ref (source
reference look-up table) files.