Mines and Mineral Occurrences of Afghanistan

Online link https://geo-nsdi.er.usgs.gov/metadata/open-file/02-110/metadata.faq.html
Description This dataset contains latitudes, longitudes, commodity, and limited geologic data for metallic and nonmetallic mines, deposits, and mineral occurrences of Afghanistan. The data in this compilation were derived from published literature and data files of
Originators Orris, Greta J. and Bliss, James D.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-110

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States or counties

Overview of attributes

The following attributes exist in the OF02XXX spreadsheet of
the data.
1. Locality/Deposit Name
2. Synonyms and Other Names or Spellings
3. Deposit or District Name
4. Province
5. Latitude - degrees, minutes, seconds
6. Longitude - degrees, minutes, seconds
7. Commodity(s) - This field contains one or more standard
symbols for chemical elements along with abbreviations for
minerals and other commodities as follows:
> Abbrev  Commodity
>  Arag    aragonite
>  Asb     asbestos
>  Ba      barite
>  Bri     brine
>  COA     coal
>  COLL    collectibles
>  Ca      calcite
>  Cly     clay
>  Dol     dolomite
>  Epi     epidote
>  F       fluorite
>  Fld     feldspar
>  GEM     gemstones
>  GRF     graphite
>  Gar     garnet
>  Gyp     gypsum
>  Hal     halite
>  Lst     limestone
>  Mbl     marble
>  Mg      magnesium, magnesite
>  Mica    mica, muscovite
>  NaCO    Sodium carbonate
>  Oli     olivine
>  Peat    peat
>  Qtz     quartz
>  REE     rare earths
>  SDG     sand and gravel
>  Serp    serpentine
>  Shl     shale
>  Si      silica
>  Tlc     talc
8. Type of Deposit - brief deposit description
9. Status
10. Host Rock Age
11. Host Rock
12. Significant Minerals or Materials
13. Deposit Size and (or) Grade
14. Comments (explains location values)
15. References (these are in-text citations; the full
bibliographic references are given in the report)
16. Decimal Latitude
17. Decimal Longitude