Seismic-Hazard Maps for Alaska and the Aleutian Islands: 1HZ050

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Description Probabilistic seismic hazard maps were prepared for Alaska portraying peak horizontal ground acceleration and horizontal spectral response acceleration for 0.2, 0.3, and 1.0 second periods with probabilities of exceedance of 10% in 50 years and 2% in 50 y
Originators Wesson, Robert L.; Frankel, Arthur D.; Mueller, Charles S.; Harmsen, Stephen C.; and Rukstales, Kenneth S.

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The databases in this report were compiled in ARC/INFO, a commercial Geographic Information System (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Redlands, California).

U.S.G.S. Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map 2395 files rocks_1.txt and rocks_2.txt


geologic map unit coverage

Label Definition
NAME Map unit abbreviation
DESC Full name of map unit


Geologic map unit boundaries

Label Definition
ACCURACY Accuracy of map unit boundaries
GEOCODE_L Differing boundaries


Mapped faults area

Label Definition
ACCURACY Accuracy of mapped faults
FAULTTYPE Types of faults found in mapped area
GEOCODE_L Indicates difference between fault and rock slide