Geologic Map of the Eminence Quadrangle, Shannon County, Missouri

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Description The geology of the Eminence 7 1/2-minute quadrangle , Shannon County, Missouri was mapped from 1996 through 1997 as part of the Midcontinent Karst Systems and Geologic Mapping Project, Eastern Earth Surface Processes Team. The map supports the production
Originators Orndorff, Randall C.; Harrison, Richard W.; and Weary, David J.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2653

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Overview of attributes

The 'Geologic map of the Kalispell 1°x2° quadrangle, Montana ...'
Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2267 contains
a detailed description of each attribute code. The database includes
a geologic linework arc attribute table, kal250k.aat, that relates
to the kal250k.con (contact look-up table), kal250k.st2 (structure
look-up table), kal250k.lgu (linear geologic unit look-up table),
and kal250k.ref (source reference look-up table) files; a rock unit
polygon attribute table, kal250k.pat, that relates to the
(rock unit look-up table) and kal250k.ref (source reference look-up
table) files.